Have YOU been ghosted?


Yesterday I turned on NPR in the middle of an intervew about “ghosting.” These millennials had been ghosted during a dating situation, which means to say, they’d texted a love interest and never heard back. Sound familiiar? A bell went off in my head and the clouds cleared. I’d actually been ghosted by my kids, as in,

“Love you!  Hope all is well!”

“Happy graduaton! Here’s a gift.”

“When are you coming home?”

“I’m dying, please call. (JK, JK…!)”

No sooner had the texts flown off into cyberland, did I recognize the slow fade of nothing back, EVER.

It can make you crazy.

The young woman on the show said she felt like a stalker after she heard nothing, but saw her love interest tweeting about umbrella drinks to everyone else. She began calling and leaving voicemails (The kiss of death! What millennial returns those?)

It felt good to have company. OK, I’m not so weird, even if the love interestes in my life are my kids (and grandkids who aren’t old enough to ghost me.) My husband’s stuck for the long haul. (He made that abundantly clear when he inserted “Until Death Do We Part” into our wedding vows.)

What about you? Have you ever been ghosted? I’d love to hear your stories.


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